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This mug features the amazing names for geographical features & places on the Orkney Islands and reads like a surreal poem! Tongue of Gangsta, Flossy Groops, Barrel of Butter, Rotten Gutter, Twelve Hours Tower, Sands of Woo, Tammy Tiffy, Smoogro, Flesh-house Point, Standpretty, Gentleman's Ha, Sinians of Cutclaws, Point of Snusan, Mirky Hole, Mad Geo, The Riff, Red Nev, The Knees, Gump of Spurness and Tenniscourt.   And not forgetting the not so...

New coasters added!

I've just added the following road sign coasters to the store: Beaver Dyke Dancing Dicks Glam Golden Butts Road Jackass Lane Lazy Acre (grafitti'd to say Arse!) Long Length Tangy Tom Tit Lane

Dominic on BBC Radio York

Here's the link to the interview with Elly Fiorentini on BBC Radio York - listen from 01:52:30! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p030r7rc#play


I was exhibiting at the recent WI Centennial Fair in Harrogate when a man who I presume was working for the National Federation of Women's Institutes asked me to remove some of my products on account of the rude place names featured on them. As I'd paid a lot of money to be there and sell my stuff I refused. So another man turned up and reiterated that things needed censoring...

Cheaper house prices on the Rudest Roads

                                                                          I've always thought it would make great business sense for me to have an address on one of Great Britain's rudest roads & now it turns out it would be a good idea...

BBC 6Music's @shaunwkeaveny is a Far From Dull fan

The news that Dull, Scotland & Boring, USA were to twin inspired many media mentions and was picked up on by Shaun Keaveny of BBC6Music's breakfast show fame. Having been a long time listener I knew that my book - Far From Dull - would appeal to his sense of the absurd and sent in a copy, along with a couple of mugs (Crackpot & Fryup) and a bunch of...

Dull, Perth & Kinross to twin with Boring, Oregon

In a move that can only be described as enlightened, the residents of Dull are exploring the possibilities of twinning their glorious hamlet (pop: less than 60) with the comparative metropolis of Boring, Oregon (pop 13000).    Naturally, I encourage this kind of forward thinking behaviour and believe that more councils should take note - enrich the lives passing travellers by bringing a little bit of daftness into their day!...